Founding Partner

Sanjiv Mittu has over 20 years of professional experience in Human Resources, Recruitment & Business Operations. Sanjiv worked with start-ups to build global teams beyond the United States. He understands the business trends and major emerging areas including SaaS/Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Technology, and Information Technology sectors.

Sanjiv, known for his business networking skills, is passionate about what he does and brings his years of global startup experience, entrepreneurship exposure, domain expertise and professional HR knowledge to the table.

Prior to this Sanjiv was Sr. Director/HR head, Global Human Resources and Recruitment for Aryaka Networks Inc. (A SDWAN Company). He was Director, Human Resources for Speedera Networks (acquired by Akamai). He also worked as Head of HR at Cymbal Corporation (acquired by Patni Computers) and was responsible for global hiring and company-wide HR related matters.

Sanjiv has an MBA degree in Human Resources and Marketing from University Business School, Chandigarh (INDIA) and Management course in Human Resources from Cornell University, New York (USA)